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The word Generoso has a web popularity of 17700000 pages.


What means Generoso?

The meaning of Generoso is: Generous

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...Generoso is situated between lake lugano and lake como in the far south of swizterland close to the italian border.
Generoso is the ideal holiday destination for the whole family.
Generoso is located on the top of the omonymous mountain at 1640 m above the sea level in the southern switzerland.
Generoso is still seeking a theory that will completely explain his results.
Generoso is one of the five municipalities comprising the second congressional district which is situated in the southernmost tip of the philippine.
Generoso is very disciplined in the arena and outdoors.
Generoso is assistant vice president for loan programs.
Generoso is exclusive to portuguese wines from appellations of origin.
Generoso is the mountain with the best view of cantone ticino.
Generoso is a senior scientist in the biology division of the oak ridge national laboratory in tennessee.

What is the origin of name Generoso? Probably Italy or Brazil.

Generoso spelled backwards is Osoreneg
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Roesneog Enrogseo Senoegor Eosegorn Esgoorne Soonereg Eonosreg Gresoone Rneesoog Erongoes Gnoeseor
Misspells: Genetoso Geneloso Geneoso Generoo Generosoa Gneeroso Generoos Genersoo

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