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The word Cristiana has a web popularity of 91000000 pages.


What means Cristiana?

The meaning of Cristiana is: Scottish name of unknown meaning

Luca says: hey, my name's luca and a love this web site

Cristiana Nicolae says: I happen to have "Cristiana" as first name. I find very funny your explication: "Scottish name of unknown meaning". I had no idea that this name is used in Scotland, but in Romania, where I live, this name is quite used, especially its masculine form - Cristian - and a variation of the feminine form - Cristina (without an "a"). Anyway, the name Cristiana comes from Latin language and means "Christian", more exactly, is the feminine form, so can be translated as "Christian woman", "follower of Christ", etc, you got the idea.

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...Cristiana is perfectly situated to allow guests the enjoyment of both aspects of this well loved region.
Cristiana is anything but subdued and submissive to god.
Cristiana is a combination that showers the listener with rivers of notes.
Cristiana is currently coaching students in new york city and washington dc.
Cristiana is a rapidly growing congregation that has over 600 in worship on sunday.
Cristiana is special to the filipinos not only because it is the first book printed in the philippines.
Cristiana is a bimonthly spanish magazine that covers the news and events shaping the latin.
Cristiana is a place of worship for those who find themselves in a strange world.
Cristiana is a church plant sharing the facilities and support of the west morris street church.
Cristiana is as comfortable on stage as she is in a studio.

What is the origin of name Cristiana? Probably Italy or Brazil.

Cristiana spelled backwards is Anaitsirc
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Rsicatani Nitaarsic Aitsancir Rnascitia Snatricia Ritsacina Tisaacirn Ciratsani Sairciatn
Misspells: Cristisna Ctistiana Cristtiana Crystiana Clistiana Cistiana Critiana Cristianaa Cirstiana Cristiaan Cristinaa

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