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The word Arturo has a web popularity of 113000000 pages.


What means Arturo?

The meaning of Arturo is: Strong As A Bear

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...Arturo is 10 years old and will be starting middle school this fall.
Arturo is simply one of the most amazing trumpeters i have ever heard.
Arturo is probably one of the closest friends of the ramones and as we fans know.
Arturo is immediately mistaken for his alternate by the driver of a hotel car who almost runs down wade.
Arturo is a throwback fighter and has fought in several wars but his razor thin majority decision loss to micky ward surpasses them all.
Arturo is a senior editor at post effects and jan has been teaching dance at the discovery center for 11 years.
Arturo is really involved with the kids and even washes the clothes.
Arturo is winless at the meadowlands in six lifetime tries.
Arturo is one of the most acclaimed jazz trumpet players in the word.
Arturo is a student of agricultural sciences at another technical school.

What is the origin of name Arturo? Probably Italy or Chile.

Arturo spelled backwards is Orutra
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Arotru Otraur Ruorat Toarru Rtuaro Turoar Oraurt Rotaru Urtoar Oturar Raotur Uatorr Outarr Rutoar Arorut
Misspells: Srturo Atturo Artturo Alturo Aturo Arturoa Atruro Artuor Artruo

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