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The word Sara has a web popularity of 107000000 pages.


What means Sara?

The meaning of Sara is: Lady

Sara Lynne Baik says: I'm Korean. And Korea is not listed. I kinda find this site racist, cause me and a few of my friends have the same first name and it didn't show the population of Koreans who have my name. Really? If you expect people to like this site, then don't be racist.

sara saghaee says: in persian, Sara means Pure

sara says: a lot of arabs, just like me, use the name Sara, too. Why isn't there atleast one arabic country mentioned ??

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sara is currently finishing her last semester at ut.
Sara is found in a text of vincent philippon written in 1521.
Sara is a fine story teller specialising in stories from new england where she grew up and learned many of her stories.
Sara is an outrageously inept comedy that mostly ends up embarrassing the audience.
Sara is shocked when she hears the story second hand.
Sara is stunned that her spouse has filed for divorce.
Sara is going to try and figure out how to use it without reading any of the manual.
Sara is reminiscent of shawn colvin and sarah mclachlan.
Sara is probably the least noticeable attraction st.
Sara is a software product which has been developed as a part of the british national corpus.

What is the origin of name Sara? Probably UK or Italy.

Sara spelled backwards is Aras
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Saar Asar Aasr Rsaa Aars Aras Arsa Rasa Asra
Misspells: Ssra Sata Sala Saa Ara Saraa Sraa Saar

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