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The word Saeed has a web popularity of 55900000 pages.


What means Saeed?

The meaning of Saeed is: Happy, prosperous, lucky

Web synthesis about this name:

...Saeed is arrested in eastern pakistan and flown to karachi for questioning.
Saeed is board certified in internal medicine and in gastroenterology.
Saeed is good on both sides of the wicket and seems to possess all the glory of the traditional left hander.
Saeed is believed to have dual citizenship in pakistan and britain.
Saeed is extradited to the us and convicted of this charge.
Saeed is suspected of organizing the kidnapping of pearl.
Saeed is under secret indictment in the united states for his part in the 1994 political kidnapping in india of an american backpacker.
Saeed is a vocal critic of the military regime these days and insists that pakistan should not have gone out of its way in cooperating with.
Saeed is available for training for the deacon ministry and for teaching about muslims.
Saeed is characteristically demanding that the government.

What is the origin of name Saeed? Probably Iran or Pakistan.

Saeed spelled backwards is Deeas
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Sadee Edeas Eades Eesad Aesed Eedas Sedea Dease Eseda Edase Aedes Deesa Dasee
Misspells: Sseed Aeed Saeeda Seaed Saede

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Saeed Chopani
Saeed Mahboob
Saeed Khamaneh
Saeed Mahmoud
Saeed Movahedi
Saeed Nilchian
Saeed Roshan Nezhad
Saeed Tanoorsazi Ejlali
Saeed Akbary
Saeed Aghaie
Saeed Eftekhari
Saeed Airomloo
Saeed Hojjatpanah
Saeed Saki
Saeed Shirangi
Saeed Hasti
Saeed Dehghani
Saeed Hor
Saeed Soleimaniha
Saeed Kotali
Saeed Ansari
Saeed Gomari
Saeed Saboorian
Saeed Falatoony
Saeed Bakhtiyari
Saeed Torabi
Saeed Khademi
Saeed Haj Mahmood
Saeed Alimohammadi
Saeed Shoghi
Saeed Farahanifard
Saeed Ravi
Saeed Zerang
Saeed Keyvanfar
Saeed Sattar Beglou
Saeed Forouzesh
Saeed Irian
Saeed Razmjoo
Saeed Sahraee
Saeed Mazinani
Saeed Kabirian
Saeed Alamshahi
Saeed Zahiri
Saeed Bagheei
Saeed Mir Ahmadi
Saeed Dehghan
Saeed Mansourbakht
Saeed Mehdipour
Saeed Aidin
Saeed Kianilari
Saeed Mohammdi
Saeed Adak
Saeed Shahedipour
Saeed Kahali
Saeed Ershad
Saeed Mirzaei
Saeed Hadian
Saeed Esmaeely
Saeed Derakhshani
Saeed Najd Ataei
Saeed Vali
Saeed Naderi
Saeed Jahedi
Saeed Mosala Nezhad
Saeed Tavoosi
Saeed Eilbeigi
Saeed Farzam
Saeed Ziaalhagh
Saeed Balaee
Saeed Mirahmadi
Saeed Alipour
Saeed Samadi
Saeed Davarzani
Saeed Ghaffarzadeh
Saeed Shokohi
Saeed Yary
Saeed Niknejad
Saeed Mirbagheri
Saeed Rosta
Saeed Jabini
Saeed Shishehgar
Saeed Bitaraf
Saeed Shahsafi
Saeed Irankhah
Saeed Yari
Saeed Arabshahi