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The word Locatelli has a web popularity of 6250000 pages.


What means Locatelli?
The meaning of Locatelli is unknown.

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...Locatelli is heard on a regular basis somewhere around the region as a guest artist with such groups as seattle symphony.
Locatelli is an italian restaurant the like of which it is hard to imagine has been seen on these shores before.
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Locatelli is organized according to the area of responsibility.
Locatelli is the hottest thing since calabrese salami in italian restaurant cooking right now.
Locatelli is one of those composers whom writers unfamiliar with his music pigeonhole as a virtuoso who had a profound influence on paganini and.
Locatelli is difficult to find due to alluvial cover and plant over.
Locatelli is worth staying to admire the sunset and sunrise on the mountains.
Locatelli is suffering for a lesion of a muscle of left leg.

What is the origin of name Locatelli? Probably Italy or France.

Locatelli spelled backwards is Illetacol
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Olletalci Eictolall Ollaletci Illotalec Alceilotl Octailell Tciloalle Leoltailc Lolcetlai
Misspells: Locstelli Llocatelli Locattelli Locatelly Locatellia Lcoatelli Locatelil

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