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The word Ferriere has a web popularity of 10100000 pages.


What means Ferriere?
The meaning of Ferriere is unknown.

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...Ferriere is scion of an old geneva protestant family that counts among its ancestors watchmakers.
Ferriere is separated from his wife in difficult personal circumstances and that he has two children of 13 and 16.
Ferriere is a partner specializing in project finance and securities work.
Ferriere is an extremely interesting example of a synthesis of the bastion fortification and the idea of prevailing of artillery fire on the fortification.
Ferriere is very near anzio which is familiar to many american servicemen who served in italy during world war ii.
Ferriere is a fortress that was built by king henry christophe in a city to the north of haiti called cap.
Ferriere is professor of mathematical evolutionary biology at the university of paris and at the university of arizona.
Ferriere is considered like the most beautiful of the guadeloupe.
Ferriere is scheduled to travel from dumont to hobart.
Ferriere is also making her coach house debug in this production.

What is the origin of name Ferriere? Probably France or UK.

Ferriere spelled backwards is Ereirref
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Refereri Rriefree Eefrirre Rfierere Rererfei Reerrief Eererirf Firreere Irrereef Eifrerer Rierfeer Freerrei
Misspells: Fetriere Ferryere Felriere Feriere Ferrierea Freriere Ferrieer Ferriree

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