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The word Cornet has a web popularity of 19000000 pages.


What means Cornet?
The meaning of Cornet is unknown.

wouters says: like to know more about this name

jan maarten says: Cornet = good Belgium beer

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...Cornet is organized to address injust practices in the united methodist church concerning same.
Cornet is greeted with much cheering as he leaves his house.
Cornet is invited to the birthday party and is mortified when she finds out that she has to wear the costume for the prince.
Cornet is a much more mainstream and established affair.
Cornet is the most numerous and main melody instrument of a brass band.
Cornet is made to order there is plenty of scope to personalise your instrument to suit your own tastes.
Cornet is ciar hassett who started playing ten years ago.
Cornet is ideal for the beginner or intermediate player.
Cornet is a good beginning band instrument and is typically easier to get a good tone on for younger students.
Cornet is anyone who is not a rostered herald who is assuming the duties of a herald for a time.

What is the origin of name Cornet? Probably France or Belgium.

Cornet spelled backwards is Tenroc
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Cotren Trecno Ontecr Rnetco Tocner Tceron Ntoerc Entocr Cotenr
Misspells: Cotnet Cornett Colnet Conet Corneta Cronet Cornte Corent

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