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The word Roger has a web popularity of 516000000 pages.


What means Roger?

The meaning of Roger is: Fame Spear

Roger Lathbury says: The metaphorical extension of "fame spear" is also in use, e. g., Ezra Pound writing in 1919 that Propertius "rogered the lady to whom he was not legally wedded."

Web synthesis about this name:

...Roger is a professional auditor and has worked for several fortune 500 firms.
Roger is not just a local who can catch fish but he is a.
Roger is mildly mentally retarded and functions more like an eight to 10.
Roger is currently at sheldon high school where he has been assigned since 1997.
Roger is a 14 year old hard of hearing student in the eighth grade.
Roger is a much greater driving force in the band than anybody ever really realises.
Roger is the veteran of many solid rock bands in the charlotte.
Roger is a professional member of the world future society.
Roger is responsible for the research conducted in the areas of asphalt technology.
Roger is one of the main voices for the museum of tolerance in los angeles and he is the corporate voice for time.

What is the origin of name Roger? Probably France or UK.

Roger spelled backwards is Regor
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Roreg Greor Gorer Geror Ogrer Egror Rgore Erorg Rgeor Ergor Rgero Rrego Rorge
Misspells: Toger Loger Oger Rogera Rgoer Rogre Roegr

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