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The word Nicole has a web popularity of 509000000 pages.


What means Nicole?

The meaning of Nicole is: Victory Of The People

Nicole Chauvet says: Nicole Chauvet is a young American actress.

Nicole Smit says: Nicole Smit

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nicole is the principal forum that european business uses to develop and influence the state of the art in contaminated land management in europe.
Nicole is a 28 year old working mother with a year old son.
Nicole is a veteran to the art form of female impersonation and has been fortunate to have worked with some of the countries finest and most talented.
Nicole is beginning to find herself very attracted to the doctor.
Nicole is a theory or experiment that if a computer is given enough combinations of how words.
Nicole is a very important figure in our culture right now.
Nicole is a pig and a loser by julesjubilee august 13.
Nicole is now 21 months old and has been developing quite well in the last 6 months.
Nicole is available to work at independent shows and promoters can contact her direct for rates.
Nicole is best known for her matchless combination of grace and athleticism and her total expressiveness with her music.

What is the origin of name Nicole? Probably France or UK.

Nicole spelled backwards is Elocin
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Nieclo Cenilo Iconle Coleni Einolc Ilceno Olceni Ecolni Inecol Onceil Eocnil Iocenl Nieloc
Misspells: Nicolle Nycole Nicolea Nciole Nicoel Nicloe

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