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The word Magali has a web popularity of 19700000 pages.


What means Magali?

The meaning of Magali is: Pearl


Web synthesis about this name:

...Magali is the woman for him and sets out to prove it.
Magali is taking much of this support that she has gotten over her amazing career and tried to pay it forward with her consistent involvement in worthy causes.
Magali is french and has given up an office job a year ago to gain sailing experience.
Magali is now focusing on building market momentum for all her brands with clear market positioning and continued targeted.
Magali is headed for two possible romantic adventures.
Magali is growing older and feeling damned insecure.
Magali is a widowed winegrower passively looking for a man in her life.
Magali is a widowed winegrower who is as lonely as she is anti.
Magali is one of the very few architectural sociologists on the planet.
Magali is healthy and spends her time visiting schools to speak out about her experience.

What is the origin of name Magali? Probably France or Brazil.

Magali spelled backwards is Ilagam
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Maigla Gimala Agamli Galima Iamalg Algima Igalma Amigal Amgial Iagmal Aagiml Mailag
Misspells: Msgali Magalli Magaly Magalia Mgaali Magail Maglai

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