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The word Laurent has a web popularity of 281000000 pages.


What means Laurent?

The meaning of Laurent is: From The Place Of The Laurel Trees

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...Laurent is retiring after five groundbreaking decades in the fashion industry.
Laurent is ook voorzitter van de stichting prins laurent voor welzijn van huisdieren en wilde dieren.
Laurent is the faithful manservant of the dispossessed montaigne noble.
Laurent is a compulsive philanderer who has so many extra.
Laurent is insisting that he will be offering his customers a lot more service for their money and a real flavour of paris in his new business.
Laurent is still however dying to pump two dance floors.
Laurent is a leading provider of network and security software for the manufacturers of broadband integrated chips.
Laurent is a skilled craftsman and a consumate artist.
Laurent is a wing theory fancier and over the years has bred his.
Laurent is the place to go to find high quality second hand garments that have been treated with care.

What is the origin of name Laurent? Probably France or Belgium.

Laurent spelled backwards is Tnerual
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Alturne Autnerl Urental Ntalreu Tlenrau Natulre Unlerat Tarenlu Utlaern Rlautne Enratlu
Misspells: Lsurent Lautent Llaurent Laurentt Laulent Lauent Laurenta Luarent Lauretn Laurnet

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