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The word Jocelyne has a web popularity of 9240000 pages.


What means Jocelyne?

The meaning of Jocelyne is: Light Hearted

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jocelyne is a safety instructor and consultant at frontline safety.
Jocelyne is currently teaching sculpture at the maine college of art and has taught at the rhode island school of design.
Jocelyne is motivated by the needs of the people who have low or no literacy skills.
Jocelyne is also responsible for founding both the narrowsburg international independent film festival and the manhattan global film festival golden apple.
Jocelyne is a mba graduate of from the ih asper school of business at the university of manitoba.
Jocelyne is a certified health executive with the canadian college of health service executives.
Jocelyne is in charge of commercial development and customer relations.
Jocelyne is responsible for all document management at concerpro.
Jocelyne is dedicated to broadening creative horizons by building bridges between dance and the other arts.
Jocelyne is a strong advocate of the middle school philosophy and practices.

What is the origin of name Jocelyne? Probably France or Belgium.

Jocelyne spelled backwards is Enylecoj
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Lyencoej Eclyjnoe Nocyejel Oenejylc Enjyelco Neyceloj Oycenlej Jlenyeco Lceonyej Elycjeon Jcyoneel
Misspells: Jocellyne Joceline Jocelynea Jcoelyne Jocelyen Jocelnye

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Jocelyne Jocelyne Jocelyne Jocelyne Jocelyne

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Jocelyne Pons
Jocelyne Achard
Jocelyne Boudet
Jocelyne Bouchet
Jocelyne Keller
Jocelyne Villard
Jocelyne Bodin
Jocelyne Cuvelier
Jocelyne Tourret
Jocelyne Mira