Fabrice - details and analysis   

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The word Fabrice has a web popularity of 40700000 pages.


What means Fabrice?

The meaning of Fabrice is: Craftsman

Web synthesis about this name:

...Fabrice is going to head back to keldarra and try to lie low for a bit.
Fabrice is a past recipient of the best traditional jazz album award presented by the canadian collectors.
Fabrice is willing to help whenever needed and willing to make the necessary adjustments to the american lifestyle.
Fabrice is building his reputation and we are in the michelin guide.
Fabrice is fortunate to live in one of the best snowkiting spots in the world.
Fabrice is fortunate to live in a mecca for paragliding and kiting.
Fabrice is swept up in the french resistance movement but he does get to london to see her.
Fabrice is planning on carrying kitesurfing students and experienced shredders to several day trips to the berry islands in the bahamas and around margarita.
Fabrice is a doctoral candidate in film studies at the university of paris.
Fabrice is one of the first who brings the bansuri in the jazz idiom.

What is the origin of name Fabrice? Probably France or Belgium.

Fabrice spelled backwards is Ecirbaf
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Biraefc Airbecf Abecirf Briceaf Ceafrib Eficrab Befairc Biferac Ircefba Abirefc Rfabeci Ciberfa Icraefb
Misspells: Fsbrice Fabtice Fabryce Fablice Fabice Fabricea Fbarice Fabriec Fabrcie

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