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The word Satu has a web popularity of 509000000 pages.


What means Satu?

The meaning of Satu is: Fairytale

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...Satu is located on freshwater swamplands between the barito and negara rivers in the south kalimantan province of.
Satu is that it is largely staffed and implemented by undergraduate students.
Satu is for professionals traders involved in the forex markets.
Satu is performed by two senior students with multiple views of the action and slow motion analysis of the movements.
Satu is a high yielding cultivar with quite big tubers.
Satu is working as a project manager and course director at the institute for extension studies at.
Satu is added to another word it is often contracted to se and tagged on to the following word.
Satu is primarily for research purposes and is not open to the public except under special arrangements or for special occasions.
Satu is intended to improve the quality of discourse at penn by providing opportunities.
Satu is currently working for clarks in tunbridge wells and progressing up the career ladder there.

What is the origin of name Satu? Probably Finland or Sweden.

Satu spelled backwards is Utas
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Saut Asut Aust Tsua Auts Utas Atsu Atus Tusa Suta Usat Uast Tasu Usta
Misspells: Sstu Sattu Atu Satua Stau Saut

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