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The word Khalid has a web popularity of 59900000 pages.


What means Khalid?

The meaning of Khalid is: Eternal

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...Khalid is still richer for this decision by jeff jacobs this column ran in the courant april 8.
Khalid is the tank which meets the full requirements of the pakistan army for the next era.
Khalid is one of the newest and one of the most deadliest tanks in the world.
Khalid is one of the most modern tanks in the world.
Khalid is still at the top of his game while two tennis players his age are considered practically over the hill.
Khalid is unclear at this point what races he would run prior to london in april.
Khalid is one of the easiest ports to enter in the gulf with only a short approach channel.
Khalid is doing light training with the amateurs until he recovers.
Khalid is said to have suffered a serious fibre rupture muscle while on trials with german club sv greuther furth last month but he played as a substitute in a.
Khalid is the tank which meets the full requirements of the pakistan army for the next centuries.

What is the origin of name Khalid? Probably Morocco or Saudi Arabia.

Khalid spelled backwards is Dilahk
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Halkid Dkaihl Dkiahl Hdakil Dalikh Lkadhi Dlakhi Hladki
Misspells: Khslid Khallid Khalyd Khalida Kahlid Khaldi Khaild

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