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The word Patricia has a web popularity of 391000000 pages.


What means Patricia?

The meaning of Patricia is: Of Noble Descent

Kayla Ferchaud says: What do u think Ferchaud may mean

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...Patricia is particularly involved in promoting diabetes education for the many patients who enter rehabilitation centers.
Patricia is the founder and director of botanologos.
Patricia is a clinical assistant professor at the university of new england school of social work and the co.
Patricia is unusual in that she spends a lot of time using her computer skills to tap into the numerous databases that have become indispensable to her.
Patricia is the librarian at saint elizabeth ann seton.
Patricia is committed to making a positive difference in a world that is rapidly changing.
Patricia is about 25 minutes from the center of balzar.
Patricia is pleased to offer viewers free articles on dreams to download.
Patricia is currently the green member of the european parliament for dublin.
Patricia is involved in the teaching of introductory biostatistics to the undergraduate medical students and graduate students.

What is the origin of name Patricia? Probably France or UK.

Patricia spelled backwards is Aicirtap
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Icritaap Capritia Ipiaratc Ripcaita Piricata Itraicap Cariptia Aiptaicr Iipacart
Misspells: Pstricia Patticia Pattricia Patrycia Patlicia Paticia Patriciaa Ptaricia Patricai Patriica

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