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The word Alexandra has a web popularity of 279000000 pages.


What means Alexandra?

The meaning of Alexandra is: Protector Of Men

Tayeb KHELIFA says: The fertile as well as the green, capable of producing vegetation, crops, abundantly. This is the Arabic translation of Alexander. Al-akhdar in Algerian means Alexander. Thanks. Sincerely. Dr. T. Khelifa

Iliana says: The origin of the name is Greek. Alexandros:male, Alexandra:Female the definition is "the one that protects the name" from the ancient greek verb "aleko=protect"

Web synthesis about this name:

...Alexandra is very casual about her extraordinary gift for painting.
Alexandra is now a movie star and is on her way to get an oscar.
Alexandra is a cultural melting pot reflecting the migration of individuals and families from rural to urban areas.
Alexandra is also deeply concerned about the environment.
Alexandra is the spring blossom festival town in the golden heart of central otago.
Alexandra is a fascinating character caught up in a complex murder mystery.
Alexandra is so beautiful that people stop me when im out and ask where she is from.
Alexandra is situated at the junction of state highway 8 and provincial highway 85.
Alexandra is having a tough go of it after returning to her hometown of los angeles.
Alexandra is finishing a series of chemotherapy treatments designed to rid her body of any remaining cancer cells.

What is the origin of name Alexandra? Probably Russia or UK.

Alexandra spelled backwards is Ardnaxela
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Lxeadaarn Rnadalxea Dnaxarael Ardeaxaln Xaenarlad Xraalnaed Anxadaelr Dlaenarxa Xanlaedar Xaldearan
Misspells: Slexandra Alexandta Allexandra Alexandla Alexanda Alexandraa Aelxandra Alexandar Alexanrda

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