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The word Milner has a web popularity of 3480000 pages.


What means Milner?

The meaning of Milner is: Miller

yvette Michaud says: Looking for info on john milner, born 1910 in bandon, Ireland

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...Milner is recognized on the international scene as one of the most successful canadian business leaders in the petroleum industry.
Milner is an honours graduate of the university of western australia.
Milner is a pioneer of the discipline of neuropsychology.
Milner is also from a family of members of the religious society of friends.
Milner is a member of the association of illustrators.
Milner is currently chief of the nutrition science research group in the division of cancer prevention at the national cancer.
Milner is director of the military and strategic studies program and a professor of history.
Milner is capable of speaking or answering questions on a wide variety of metaphysical or spiritual topics.
Milner is also working on a catalogue raisonne of paintings of the 19th century french history painter henri regnault.
Milner is helping to put together a library of jewish education to serve as a database for jewish educators across germany.

What is the origin of name Milner? Probably UK or Russia.

Milner spelled backwards is Renlim
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Mirlen Rlemni Inreml Lnermi Rimnel Rmelin Nrielm Enriml Mirenl
Misspells: Milnet Millner Mylner Milnel Milne Milnera Mliner Milnre Milenr

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