Dalager - details and analysis   

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The word Dalager has a web popularity of 432000 pages.


What means Dalager?
The meaning of Dalager is unknown.

What is the origin of name Dalager? Probably Denmark or Norway.

Dalager spelled backwards is Regalad
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Lgaarde Agalred Alregad Lagerad Eradagl Ledgaar Agledra Raagedl Redlaag Algarde Adalreg
Misspells: Dslager Dalaget Dallager Dalagel Dalage Dalagera Dlaager Dalagre Dalaegr

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Sren Pedersen Dalager
Marianne Ditlevsen Dalager
Henrik Poulsen Dalager
Anita Dalager
Claus Mathiasen Dalager
Karin Dalager
Jrgen Hans Dalager
Kjeld Dalager
Ove Dalager
Jacob Dalager
Hoffmann Flemming Dalager
Michael Hansen Dalager
Finn Dalager
Rgaard Poul Dalager
Torben Dalager
Bouet Anita Dalager
Kirsten Dalager
Marie Anne Dalager
Viggo Dalager
Bente Dalager
Viste Jensen Dalager
Jens Dalager
Nina Dalager
Helle Dalager
Gerda Dalager
Jesper Hansen Dalager
Martin Dalager
Thomas Dalager
Stig Dalager
Ulla Dalager
Peter Dalager
Magda Dalager
Karen Dalager
Kenneth John Dalager
Erik Poul Dalager
Camilla Dalager
Anker Sren Dalager
Frislund Lars Dalager
Kirsten Buur Dalager
Flemming Dalager
Per Srensen Dalager
Kirsten Edel Dalager
Mette Anne Dalager
Elisabeth Dalager
Peter Srensen Dalager
Sren Dalager
Per Dalager
Steen Dalager
Anna Dalager
Ditte Dalager
Tina Dalager
Bent Dalager
Lars Dalager
Bjarke Dalager
Allan Dalager
Thea Dalager
Henrik Dalager
Katrine Jensen Dalager
Ole Dalager
Hanne Dalager
Anita Bouet Dalager
Anne Dalager
Caroline Dalager
Conni Dalager
Tobias Dalager
Niels Dalager
Christine Dalager
Gudrun Dalager
Christian Dalager
Jesper Dalager
Rikke Dalager
Carina Dalager
Heinrich Dalager
Lotte Dalager
Poul Dalager