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The word Pernille has a web popularity of 9470000 pages.


What means Pernille?

The meaning of Pernille is: A feminine pet form of Petronius - the name of a 1st-century Roman saint, later believed to be a daughter of Saint Peter, Beauty.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Pernille is de dochter van een bankmedewerker en een logopediste.
Pernille is busy making jewelry for the spring 1999 collection runway show of new york designer carmen marc valvo.
Pernille is not supposed to be the center of attention here.
Pernille is tara es will es xtra p tramp is frigg p miska sv quick silver p ross sv klaudius p molle es wai p coupiad es trym es van.
Pernille is a student in my ear training class and has cinsistently demonstrated excellent skills as both a singer and musician in general.
Pernille is very talented and has been a very studious student to work with.
Pernille is finished her high school and moved from home.
Pernille is seventeen and at the trade school in the nearby town of grena.

What is the origin of name Pernille? Probably Denmark or Norway.

Pernille spelled backwards is Ellinrep
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Lepnirle Lpienerl Elrelinp Ripleeln Irnellep Ilpelenr
Misspells: Petnille Pernillle Pernylle Pelnille Penille Pernillea Prenille Pernilel

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Pernille Higgins
Pernille Vedsted
Pernille Hertel
Pernille Rafn Frederiksen
Pernille Persson
Pernille Nydal
Pernille Kennedy
Pernille Pernille Klitgaard
Pernille Borre Arskog
Pernille Enoksen Wass
Pernille Brandt
Pernille Heine Bang
Pernille Gry Larsen
Pernille Cordes
Pernille S. Agervig
Pernille Rydahl
Pernille Kamph Nørup
Pernille Gravina Husby
Pernille Hedberg
Pernille Sodemann
Pernille Arntzen
Pernille Brandis Rosengaard
Pernille Gilling
Pernille Tingleff
Pernille Brodersen
Pernille Rasborg
Pernille Wennich
Pernille Egholm Hermansen
Pernille Enoch
Pernille Skovborg
Pernille Sommer
Pernille Zwicki
Pernille Raaby
Pernille Thorsen
Pernille Bigom
Pernille Wichmann
Pernille Skov Nielsen
Pernille Hermind
Pernille Balcer
Pernille Fast
Pernille Hollerup
Pernille Outzen
Pernille Vangsgaard Pedersen
Pernille Lange Schwartz
Pernille Stubberup
Pernille Florio
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Pernille Faber Andersen
Pernille Stensig
Pernille Rugholm
Pernille Dyg
Pernille Nedergaard
Pernille Lind Therkildsen
Pernille Rostholm
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Pernille Klarskov Stage
Pernille Berg
Pernille Bayer
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