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The word Morten has a web popularity of 7870000 pages.


What means Morten?

The meaning of Morten is: Warrior The Roman God Of War Variant Of Martin

Bob says: Morten is always a handsome fellow.

Morten Netteland says: Origin of name Morten is Pershia/Iran, where it is spelled:Morteza

Web synthesis about this name:

...Morten is the principal teacher of chakrasambara buddhist center.
Morten is in norway still writing material for his next album.
Morten is in jamaica and borneo writing new songs between 7th and 20th of june 1997.
Morten is a member of the association of danish designers.
Morten is one of the premier kickers in the history of the national football league.
Morten is not judgemental about the food or the wine.
Morten is himself now a member of an ordinary sports club.
Morten is one of the few successful young fashion photographers in the country.
Morten is one of the hardest and loudest players on the field.
Morten is somewhere inside my chest expressed by emotions.

What is the origin of name Morten? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Morten spelled backwards is Netrom
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Monret Nremto Otnemr Rtenmo Nomter Nmerot Tnoerm Etnomr Monetr
Misspells: Motten Mortten Molten Moten Mortena Mroten Mortne Moretn

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Morten Rafn
Morten Willatzen
Morten Wiinholt
Morten F. Sivertsen
Morten Moeller
Morten Klarner Sams
Morten Hjulsager
Morten Metellus
Morten Hald Nielsen
Morten Svenningsen
Morten Erbo Christensen
Morten Black
Morten Pryds Pedersen
Morten Lynge
Morten Kirketerp Nielsen
Morten Dodensig Meyer
Morten Fraemohs
Morten Roed Simonsen
Morten Heiby
Morten Jønby
Morten Hougaard
Morten Palle Christensen
Morten Schjoldager
Morten Rotboll
Morten Rath Pedersen
Morten Baktoft
Morten Leth Hjuler
Morten Obel
Morten Aadorf
Morten Boe Andersen
Morten Stagstrup
Morten Straarup Andersen
Morten Salgaard Voss
Morten Bjerg Poulsen
Morten Nass
Morten Gadegaard Jørgensen
Morten M. Andersen
Morten Krastins
Morten Barslev
Morten Malmros
Morten Munk Rasmussen
Morten Flyvholm Iversen
Morten Willadsen
Morten Thomsen Højsgaard
Morten Enemark Lund
Morten Kreutzmann
Morten Møller Pedersen
Morten Medici
Morten Meisner
Morten Brunkel
Morten Boysen
Morten Kirkebaek
Morten Brendholdt
Morten Uldal
Morten Norager
Morten Carlson
Morten Agerlin
Morten Horsdal
Morten Petri Jensen
Morten Hummel
Morten Christen Hebsgaard
Morten Piper
Morten Vium
Morten Pederzen
Morten Hedmark
Morten Flou Kristensen
Morten Bodholdt
Morten Stegmann
Morten Hjuler
Morten Milling
Morten Grupe Larsen
Morten F. Andersen