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The word Eva has a web popularity of 109000000 pages.


What means Eva?

The meaning of Eva is: Life Giving

Mirjam says: I'm Mirjam and live in Germany

Web synthesis about this name:

...Eva is net operating profit minus an appropriate charge for the opportunity cost of all capital invested in an enterprise.
Eva is simply net after tax income minus a cost of equity capital.
Eva is also the performance measure in an incentive compensation system that is intended to more closely align the interests of team members with those of.
Eva is starting to tire of the hard and fast paddling.
Eva is trademarked and copyright 1995 by winner enterprises.
Eva is considered questionable because it makes use of the capital asset pricing model.
Eva is well educated in islamic customs and techniques for self.
Eva is now becoming increasingly important for new economy companies whose capital consists largely of intangible assets funded predominantly by shareholders.
Eva is defined as economic profit or residual income and is simply the operating after tax profit less a charge for that capital.
Eva is a score that i recommend and i am confident that many collectors will be pleasantly surprised when they listen to it and maybe this will also raise the.

What is the origin of name Eva? Probably Norway or UK.

Eva spelled backwards is Ave
This name has 3 letters: 2 vowels (66.67%) and 1 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Eav Vea Vae Aev Ave
Misspells: Evs Ewa Evaa Eav Vea

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Eva Klatovská
Eva Cislerová
Eva Lejnarová
Eva Rozehnalová
Eva Antalová
Eva Hořejšová
Eva Oborská
Eva Fedosovová
Eva Herlingerová
Eva Jirková
Eva Denemarková
Eva Pistorová
Eva Lukášová
Eva Honajzerová
Eva Kubecová
Eva Łkurková
Eva Zezulková
Eva Sloupová
Eva Hilbertová
Eva Brandysová
Eva Ernestová
Eva Kordová
Eva Vlková
Eva Brunclíková
Eva Glodeková
Eva Hankovcová
Eva řáda
Eva Bolková
Eva Hralová
Eva Andrésová
Eva Kavková
Eva Partlová
Eva Gabzdylová
Eva Draslarová
Eva Bárnetová
Eva Kubíková
Eva Wágnerová
Eva Floumová
Eva Biskupová
Eva Skalová
Eva Bobková
Eva Łperlová
Eva Benátová
Eva Dluhošová
Eva Bulová
Eva Folková
Eva Koubková
Eva Dršková
Eva Maternová
Eva Absatzová
Eva Czepanová
Eva Hegrová
Eva Nytrová
Eva Bielaková
Eva Juklová
Eva ňorková
Eva Hofmanová
Eva Holzknechtová
Eva Andresová
Eva Bobalová
Eva Cikánková
Eva Morbitzerová
Eva Hlavnoňová
Eva Pechanová
Eva Roubalová
Eva Fleischmannová
Eva Hospodková
Eva Skrbek
Eva Kottová
Eva Horaková
Eva Gocová
Eva Tomíková
Eva Lisá
Eva Hýbnerová