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The word Alena has a web popularity of 46200000 pages.


What means Alena?

The meaning of Alena is: Torchlight

Web synthesis about this name:

...Alena is the daughter of linda malone of detroit and ramon namphy of alabama.
Alena is my first story or romance and of heart break.
Alena is a russian national living in belarus who speaks english.
Alena is a slovakian national living in slovak republics who speaks english.
Alena is an fine example of an outstanding production female.
Alena is celebrating the 10th anniversary of opening her store this holiday season.
Alena is thirteen years old and in the seventh grade.
Alena is loyal to her friends and calm in the face of danger.
Alena is a computer engineer and the group lead for the intelligent mobile technologies lab and the mobile exploration system testbed at nasa ames.
Alena is a stunning russian beauty and certainly brings some great qualities to our exotic resort.

What is the origin of name Alena? Probably Russia or Czech Republic.

Alena spelled backwards is Anela
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Alane Eanla Elana Enala Leana Neala Aelan Nalae Aenla Naela Aenal Aanel Alaen
Misspells: Slena Allena Alenaa Aelna Alean Alnea

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Alena Kousalová
Alena Sodomková
Alena Otradovská
Alena Sabelová
Alena Stodolová
Alena Tichá
Alena Kittnerová
Alena Koutníková
Alena Kyjovská
Alena Reimerová
Alena Koštířová
Alena Doudová
Alena Dubinová
Alena Shrbená
Alena Klosová
Alena Sladká
Alena Hetešová
Alena Klempířová
Alena Jandovská
Alena Slívová
Alena Hubaczová
Alena Brejlová
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Alena Hauzrová
Alena Blahoutová
Alena Lomberská
Alena Cozmová
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Alena Elšíková
Alena Fryblíková
Alena Lauterbachová
Alena Choutková
Alena Pilná
Alena Reicheltová
Alena Filková
Alena Juranová
Alena Pincová
Alena Kolhmajerová
Alena Rybová
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Alena Applová
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Alena Klimová
Alena Mihulková
Alena Kantová
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