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The word Villanueva has a web popularity of 81300000 pages.


What means Villanueva?

The meaning of Villanueva is: Spanish name of unknown meaning

José says: Villanueva = Villeneuve = New Village = Neues Dorf It comes from Spanish villa ‘(outlying) farmstead’, ‘(dependent) settlement’ + nueva (feminine) ‘new’ (Latin nova).

Web synthesis about this name:

...Villanueva is a combo forward in the mold of shareef abdur.
Villanueva is tasked to do a photocopying job for the 2ic.
Villanueva is encouraged by local youth who have said they are willing to march for this cause.
Villanueva is one of the few players in the tournament able to do all of those things.
Villanueva is concerned with the residual effects of colonialism in contemporary american society.
Villanueva is embarrassed to talk about his enormous wealth.
Villanueva is living her childhood dream of teaching math.
Villanueva is professor of english and chair of the department of english at washington state university.
Villanueva is currently president of the villanueva companies.
Villanueva is a teacher and thespian of varying shades living in santa monica.

What is the origin of name Villanueva? Probably Chile or Philippines.

Villanueva spelled backwards is Aveunalliv
This name has 10 letters: 5 vowels (50.00%) and 5 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Evalunvial Nuivlavela Luvneavial Lavlaevinu Nallavuive Nalaveivlu Vuvenillaa Vnialevlua Liavavelun
Misspells: Villsnueva Villlanueva Vyllanueva Willanueva Villanuevaa Vlilanueva Villanueav Villanuvea

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Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva
Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva

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