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The word Vergara has a web popularity of 15400000 pages.


What means Vergara?

The meaning of Vergara is: vergara

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...Vergara is subnational finance and administration specialist for the world bank institute economic policy and poverty reduction division.
Vergara is subnational finance and administration specialist for the world bank institute.
Vergara is published by princeton architectural press.
Vergara is a member of the river falls high school senior class.
Vergara is on active probation in los angeles county for assault and battery.
Vergara is currently a visiting scholar at the getty research institute.
Vergara is one of 36 assistant referees at the tournament and is the lone canadian among the game officials.
Vergara is professionally recognized for her expertise in neonatal care for premature and very.
Vergara is a trade specialist at the oas trade unit providing support to the free trade area of the americas.
Vergara is going to each school to try to get agreement on sharing classes by different ethnic groups.

What is the origin of name Vergara? Probably Chile or Philippines.

Vergara spelled backwards is Aragrev
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Rageavr Eagrarv Eraragv Rgaraev Raevgar Avarger Raveagr Ravager Agravre Eragavr Gverara Raragve Argeavr
Misspells: Vergsra Vetgara Wergara Velgara Vegara Vergaraa Vregara Vergaar Vergraa

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