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The word Pizarro has a web popularity of 28400000 pages.


What means Pizarro?
The meaning of Pizarro is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Pizarro is a long island based rapper who recently was mentioned in the oct.
Pizarro is taken away and leonore herself frees florestan from his bonds.
Pizarro is a cardiothoracic surgeon certified by the american board of surgery and the american board of thoracic surgery.
Pizarro is considered by some historians to be the leader of the first genuine struggle by colonists for independence from spanish domination in america.
Pizarro is very much a man for the spectacular finish and two of his most sensational efforts.
Pizarro is pressured by political authority to murder atahuallpa anyway.
Pizarro is the stepson and pupil of the pianist sequira costa.
Pizarro is a terrifying creature who really does seem to have strayed from hell.
Pizarro is the appointed governor of the entire region.
Pizarro is performing in a bullfight when a fire breaks out and the bleachers collapse.

What is the origin of name Pizarro? Probably Chile or Spain.

Pizarro spelled backwards is Orrazip
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Ipozarr Irazorp Izorrap Zarroip Roiparz Riozpar Zopirar Raropzi Izraopr Apizorr Orzipar
Misspells: Pizsrro Pizatro Pyzarro Pizalro Pizaro Pizarroa Pziarro Pizaror

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Solar Pizarro
Luz Marina Pizarro
Aravena Pizarro
Valeria Arancivia Pizarro
Farías Pizarro
Víctor Reines Pizarro
Carmen Lema Pizarro
Luis Rocco Pizarro
Roberto Díaz Pizarro
Campos Pizarro
Sergio Jiménez Pizarro
Alberto Ceroni Pizarro
Gabriela Flores Pizarro
Rosa Berríos Pizarro
Angélica Teresa Pizarro
Carmen Gladys Pizarro
Alvaro Gustavo Pizarro
Andrea Escudero Pizarro
Camila Paz Pizarro
Cristina Zúñiga Pizarro
Vanessa Castillo Pizarro
Benito Guerra Pizarro
Felipe Andrés Pizarro
Lucía Ríos Pizarro
Saúl Rodríguez Pizarro
Andrea Mondaca Pizarro
Alejandro Vásquez Pizarro
Valdivia Pizarro
Andrés Hernando Pizarro
Miguel Félix Pizarro
Andrés Ceballos Pizarro
Alfonso Silva Pizarro
Aurelio Yaite Pizarro
Humberto Maillet Pizarro
Arnaldo Vivanco Pizarro
Patricia Eugenia Pizarro
Cecilia Salazar Pizarro
Oscar Echeverría Pizarro
Riveros Pizarro
Adriana Albarracín Pizarro
Cristóbal Andrés Pizarro
Tiburcio López Pizarro
Olga Natalia Pizarro
Lucía Jeanette Pizarro
Enrique Cisternas Pizarro
Carolina Rodríguez Pizarro
Teresa Pizarro
Pilar Hidalgo Pizarro
María Urriola Pizarro
Rita Díaz Pizarro
Luis Valenzuela Pizarro
Josefina Monsalve Pizarro
Fernando Octavio Pizarro
Iván Lorenzo Pizarro
Carmen Serrano Pizarro
José Ernesto Pizarro
María Ahumada Pizarro
Tapia Pizarro
María Gutiérrez Pizarro
Ana Acevedo Pizarro
Pablo P. Pizarro
María Bertoni Pizarro
Gonzalo Hidalgo Pizarro
José Humberto Pizarro
Luisa Verónica Pizarro
Cristina Pizarro Pizarro
Jofré Pizarro
Rosario Tapia Pizarro
Osvaldo Antonio Pizarro
Carlos Prieto Pizarro
Patricio Guzmán Pizarro
Sandra Anays Pizarro
Pamela Beatriz Pizarro
Rebeca Vásquez Pizarro
Manuel Antonio Pizarro
Carmen Amelia Pizarro
Ricardo Galeas Pizarro
Rossana Verónica Pizarro
Laura Alicia Pizarro
Paloma Muñoz Pizarro
Cintia Marcela Pizarro
Cristina Irarrázabal Pizarro
Fátima Aránguiz Pizarro
Edith Velásquez Pizarro
Filomena Castillo Pizarro
Germán Gárate Pizarro
Rosario Mejías Pizarro
Andrés Villalón Pizarro
Enrique Romo Pizarro
Pablo Alberto Pizarro
Víctor Rodríguez Pizarro
Hugo Antonio Pizarro
Christian Pereira Pizarro
María Trinidad Pizarro
Antonio Alarcón Pizarro
Edith Orellana Pizarro
Parraguez Pizarro
Carolina Elizabeth Pizarro
René Patricio Pizarro
Lucía Amanda Pizarro
Pamela Lorena Pizarro
Marta Maturana Pizarro
Custodio Astudillo Pizarro
Patricio Alfaro Pizarro
Humberta Pizarro
Andrés Lazcano Pizarro
Gonzalo Pizarro Pizarro
Marta Audolina Pizarro
Leonel Zúñiga Pizarro
Gloria Castro Pizarro
Claudia Alejandra Pizarro
Adolfo Cortés Pizarro
Daniel Díaz Pizarro
Eliana Paz Pizarro
Luis Ulisse Pizarro
Andrade Pizarro
Angélica Urbina Pizarro
Moreira Pizarro
Javier Ayala Pizarro
Eduardo Contador Pizarro
Viviana Peña Pizarro
Patricio Jofré Pizarro
Ignacio Ponce Pizarro
Solange Patricia Pizarro
Arnaldo Amador Pizarro
Francisco Núñez Pizarro
Elena Ceballos Pizarro
Marcos Andrés Pizarro
Carlos Villegas Pizarro
Alonso Ricardo Pizarro
Alexis Mancilla Pizarro
Carmen Gutiérrez Pizarro
Enrique Pizarro
Rosa Rivera Pizarro
Rubén Eduardo Pizarro
Isabel Santibáñez Pizarro
Alonso Cataldo Pizarro
Augusto Pizarro Pizarro
Cecilia Valencia Pizarro
Rolando Vera Pizarro
Antonio Ramos Pizarro
Mercedes Cuturrufo Pizarro
Elsa Rojas Pizarro
Alicia Lucía Pizarro
Fernando Pacheco Pizarro
Mercedes Saavedra Pizarro
Carlos Andrés Pizarro
Sandra Maribel Pizarro
Berta Varas Pizarro
Navarro Pizarro
Luis Canales Pizarro
Denis Paola Pizarro
Luis Fabián Pizarro
Patricio Nibaldo Pizarro
Pilar Blanco Pizarro
Andrea Pesce Pizarro
Verónica Bernales Pizarro
Parada Pizarro
Sara Florentina Pizarro
Elena Ubillo Pizarro
Ana Miriam Pizarro
Daniel Faúndez Pizarro
Alfonso Adaos Pizarro
Raquel Rojas Pizarro
Pedro Lincoyán Pizarro
Nicolás González Pizarro
José Llanos Pizarro
Carlos Mujica Pizarro
Ernesto Reinoso Pizarro
Julia Luz Pizarro
Angélica Beatriz Pizarro
Rodrigo Eugenio Pizarro
Quintana Pizarro
Julio Mauricio Pizarro
Alberto Cardemil Pizarro
Ninfa Guadalupe Pizarro
Rolando Henríquez Pizarro
Carmen Herrera Pizarro
Mercedes Astudillo Pizarro
Marcelo Andrés Pizarro
Manuel Cavieres Pizarro
Rossana Soledad Pizarro
Eliana Retamal Pizarro
Pilar Cepeda Pizarro
Rosales Pizarro
Quiroz Pizarro
Elena Verdugo Pizarro
Solange Torrealba Pizarro
Javier Padilla Pizarro
Anita Verónica Pizarro
Víctor Javier Pizarro
Graciela Muñoz Pizarro
Valencia Pizarro
Florentina Rojas Pizarro
Arturo López Pizarro
Ana Isabel Pizarro
Iván Olmedo Pizarro
Miguel Hernán Pizarro
Andrea Chacón Pizarro
Carmen Quispe Pizarro
Lira Pizarro
Mercedes Hidalgo Pizarro
Vidal Pizarro
Nelson Zamorano Pizarro
Carmen Carmona Pizarro
Elisa Urtubia Pizarro