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The word Correa has a web popularity of 101000000 pages.


What means Correa?
The meaning of Correa is unknown.

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...Correa is concerned not only to spell out the implications for developing countries but also to indicate concrete.
Correa is a 1989 graduate of bethel college in arden hills.
Correa is lecturer in literature at the open university.
Correa is a master architect that was able to mix a real contemporary style with the indian vernacular architecture.
Correa is regarded internationally as an expert on housing in developing countries.
Correa is looking forward to a strong senior campaign.
Correa is a genus of about 11 species although there are many forms which are difficult to allocate to any particular species.
Correa is a relatively small genus of endemic plants of some eleven species.
Correa is the first model of the new family of gantry bridge.
Correa is one of the outstanding international architects of his generation and sought to find contemporary expressions for traditional elements of indian life.

What is the origin of name Correa? Probably Chile or Brazil.

Correa spelled backwards is Aerroc
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Coarer Arecro Oraecr Racoer Rreaco Aocrer Acreor Aceror Oeracr Oarcer Reraco Arreco Ocarre Eraocr Orrace
Misspells: Corres Cotrea Colrea Corea Correaa Crorea Corrae Corera

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