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The word Santiago has a web popularity of 99100000 pages.


What means Santiago?

The meaning of Santiago is: Supplanter

Santiago says: the meaning of Santiago is not "supplanter". It means Saint Jackob.

Gabriel Santiago Diaz says: "Santiago" translated from Spanish to English is "Saint James". Saint James the Greater, son of Zebedee, was one of the disciples of Jesus and thought to be a cousin of Jesus (his mother was the sister of the Virgin Mary). There is a city in the region of Galicia in Spain, Santiago de Compostela of historical significance. The last name's origin are most likely residents of the city who chose it as last name when last names were being assigned. Anyone tracing their Santiago ancestral roots most likely will be able to find lineage going back to Galicia.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Santiago is the second most important city in the dominican republic.
Santiago is the capital of chile and its chief administrative.
Santiago is perfect for business or pleasure by hlapping.
Santiago is celebrating 22 years of success in this industry.
Santiago is one of the few capital cities in the world which has easy access both to ski slopes.
Santiago is a very important image in the historic santos of new mexico.
Santiago is one of the most modern and largest cities in south america.
Santiago is one of the provinces with the largest population.
Santiago is de neerslag van alle omzwervingen van cees nooteboom in spanje.
Santiago is committed to providing our clients with new and innovative products that add value and convenience.

What is the origin of name Santiago? Probably Spain or Argentina.

Santiago spelled backwards is Ogaitnas
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Nasatogi Tniasgao Aostinga Gsiotana Ganatsoi Goantias Aanogits Sitgaona Intagaos Aisnogat Tiansoag Snaagtoi
Misspells: Ssntiago Santtiago Santyago Antiago Santiagoa Snatiago Santiaog Santigao

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