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The word Reinaldo has a web popularity of 28200000 pages.


What means Reinaldo?

The meaning of Reinaldo is: Ruler with counsel

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...Reinaldo is arrested on a false charge of molestation.
Reinaldo is imprisoned again and lands in solitary confinement.
Reinaldo is played by the spanish actor javier bardem.
Reinaldo is conveniently picked up by a truckload of anti.
Reinaldo is born into abject poverty in the cuban countryside.
Reinaldo is founding member and vp of finance of the project management institute chapter of puerto rico.
Reinaldo is passionately played by javier bardem and the cameo roles by johnny depp and sean penn are excellently constructed.
Reinaldo is subtle and could not be better for the role.
Reinaldo is off to the freedom promised by joining up with.
Reinaldo is so compelled to write that he carves his words into the bark of trees.

What is the origin of name Reinaldo? Probably Brazil or Chile.

Reinaldo spelled backwards is Odlanier
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Lornaide Draoneil Dolinaer Eliodanr Iardoeln Ainedlor Naliroed Adroleni Rindaelo Rilednoa
Misspells: Reinsldo Teinaldo Reinalldo Reynaldo Leinaldo Einaldo Reinaldoa Rienaldo Reinalod Reinadlo

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