Levesque - details and analysis   

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What means Levesque?
The meaning of Levesque is unknown.

rudy says: The name is likely derived from the french.ie (L'évesque) L'(The) évesque (Bishop)

Nick says: Rudy is correct it is essentially the french version of >Bishop>

What is the origin of name Levesque? Probably France or UK.

Levesque spelled backwards is Euqsevel
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Sqeuveel Uvseeqel Qelesvue Uevqeles Eulqesve Ueqvesel Eqveusel Lseuqeve Suleqeev Lveuseqe
Misspells: Llevesque Lewesque Levesoue Leveque Levesquea Lveesque Levesqeu Levesuqe

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Levesque Levesque Levesque Levesque Levesque
Levesque Levesque Levesque Levesque Levesque

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Noemie Levesque
Jane Levesque
Tracy Levesque
Yan Dubois Levesque
Victor Levesque
Chris Levesque
Yves Levesque
Aliette Levesque
Jeannette Breton Levesque
Jos D Levesque
Yvette Levesque
Gabrielle Levesque
Craig Levesque
Louisphilippe Levesque
Arthur Levesque
Paul R Levesque
Marcellin Levesque
Janelle Levesque
Lynne Levesque
Josey Levesque
Fabian Levesque
Isabelle Levesque
Ludger Levesque
Rosaire Levesque
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Paul L Levesque
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Carl Levesque
Jean Rock Levesque
Tania Levesque
Euclide Levesque
Billy Levesque
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Patrick J Levesque
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Norbert Levesque
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Gerry Levesque
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Yvette V Levesque
Rina Levesque
Melvin Levesque
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Cyrille Levesque
Esther Levesque
Joel Levesque
Eliette Levesque
May Levesque
Albert T Levesque
Suzanne Levesque
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Leon Levesque
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