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The word Sylva has a web popularity of 11300000 pages.


What means Sylva?

The meaning of Sylva is: Variant form of Sylvi f|Sylvi

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...Sylva is nestled in a valley 46 miles west of asheville and six miles north of cullowhee.
Sylva is a quaint town in western north carolina surrounded by the beautiful mountains.
Sylva is the managing shareholder at the weintraub law firm.
Sylva is a registered lobbyist and specializes in commercial real estate development and environmental law.
Sylva is considering submitting some of the designs to the us postal office.
Sylva is the county seat and the business hub of jackson county.
Sylva is approximately 15 minutes away from landmark.
Sylva is on the faculty for the college of executive coaching and is an affiliate coach with coaching.
Sylva is director of research at the catholic family and human rights institute.
Sylva is considered to be one of the most important botanical works.

What is the origin of name Sylva? Probably France or Czech Republic.

Sylva spelled backwards is Avlys
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Syavl Lavys Lyavs Vlays Slavy Alysv Vaysl Vyals Ylavs Valys Savly
Misspells: Sylvs Syllva Silva Sylwa Ylva Sylvaa Slyva Sylav Syvla

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