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The word Ronald has a web popularity of 49500000 pages.


What means Ronald?

The meaning of Ronald is: King

Ronald Klimmek says: I live in Germany, Berlin

Thorsten Ronald says: The name derives from the old Norse rögnvaldr (who has the power of the gods).

Ronaali says: A More King

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ronald is missing last seen in alan reward of no reward sorry.
Ronald is now turning it on by roger hannah jimmy calderwood once combined with ronald de boer to form a double dutch version of tv.
Ronald is attempting to expand his audience worldwide through the internet.
Ronald is the unofficial leader of the mcdonaldland gang.
Ronald is one who is able to lead his brothers and sisters in the lord.
Ronald is a leading figure in the hong kong business and legal communities.
Ronald is licensed by the supreme court of texas to practice law in all state courts in texas.
Ronald is present at the mall when she tries unsuccessfully to exchange the ruined suit.
Ronald is recognized as an expert in the field of e.
Ronald is a past president of the orange county trial lawyers association and a former officer of the consumer attorneys of california.

What is the origin of name Ronald? Probably UK or Netherlands.

Ronald spelled backwards is Dlanor
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Doraln Dnalro Danrol Ladorn Rodlan
Misspells: Ronsld Tonald Ronalld Lonald Onald Ronalda Rnoald Ronadl Ronlad

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Ronald Ronald Ronald Ronald Ronald

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