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What means Robert?

The meaning of Robert is: Bright Fame

Robert Henry Karel Everaarts says: I was born in the former Dutch East Indies, now known as Indonesia, in the city of Bandung

roberta says: i was born in ireland then moved to nigeria warri

dirk renzema says: Renzema is a dutch name, it means Renze + ma

Roberto says: Robert Ist was the 11th king of Belgium. Ruling from 2158 until 2164, the shortest reign in the 22nd century.

Loïc Pelzer says: Bonjour j ai mange une pomme

Web synthesis about this name:

...Robert is one of four texas zen students who will be taking the.
Robert is learning champ 37 year old robert wilson overcame tremendous personal difficulties to secure a place at oatridge agricultural college and.
Robert is one of four texas zen students who will be taking the precepts in a traditional jukai ceremony with reb anderson in july.
Robert is a long time advertising photographer who specialises in the rock and roll industry.
Robert is associate editor of the departmental working papers series.
Robert is an evaluation coordinator for the capital health authority presently working at the northeast community health centre and with.
Robert is a graphic designer and communications strategist.
Robert is the only child i have and robert was invloved in a car wreck on may 20th of 2000.
Robert is the only child i have and robert was involved in a car wreck on may 20th of 2000.
Robert is a master at the art of finely turning wood to create magnificently elegant aspen vessels.

What is the origin of name Robert? Probably France or UK.

Robert spelled backwards is Trebor
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Torerb Tberro Tebror Retorb Rotreb
Misspells: Tobert Robertt Lobert Obert Roberta Rboert Robetr Robret

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Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert

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