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The word Ophelia has a web popularity of 16000000 pages.


What means Ophelia?

The meaning of Ophelia is: Help

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Ophelia is in love with the melancholy title character.
Ophelia is one of the smaller moons in the solar system and is the second innermost known moon of uranus.
Ophelia is a rare artist that has introduced and merged a broad diverse audience together through her appealing music.
Ophelia is a 1959 ford country sedan long roof and she still needs a lot of work and loving care.
Ophelia is abstracted or indexed in aquatic sciences and fisheries abstract.
Ophelia is expanded on and almost brought to the point of a female lead.
Ophelia is a fantastic silk satin sling with a square toe and a perfect bow.
Ophelia is one of the most talked about books in america.
Ophelia is a free and happy child who loses herself at adolescence.

What is the origin of name Ophelia? Probably UK or France.

Ophelia spelled backwards is Ailehpo
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Poaheil Phaileo Heliapo Iapoelh Aolieph Ipahoel Hiolepa Apelioh Haoplei Eophail Liepaoh
Misspells: Ophelis Ophellia Ophelya Opheliaa Ohpelia Ophelai Opheila

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Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia

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