Julie - details and analysis   

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The word Julie has a web popularity of 397000000 pages.


What means Julie?

The meaning of Julie is: Soft-Haired

Vaughn Chown says: London and Spain

Julie says: Beautiful

julie says: koukou je laisse un commentaire

Web synthesis about this name:

...Julie is a graduate student at ball state university.
Julie is taking your name in vain over on general board.
Julie is an mp3 and ogg jukebox written in python and c for unix systems.
Julie is embroiled in a fight against city hall regarding leaf blowers.
Julie is a proud member of the canadian association of professional speakers.
Julie is contributing a track to the language of woman cd with proceeds going to breast cancer research.
Julie is the first solo folk artist to be signed to a major british record company.
Julie is an active member of the w3c web accessibility initiative.
Julie is the editor of the tales from the wonder zone from fitzhenry and whiteside.
Julie is a super hot redhead featured at busty beauties.

What is the origin of name Julie? Probably UK or France.

Julie spelled backwards is Eiluj
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Uilje Lijue Uljie Ileuj Eluji Ijleu Uleij Ieluj Eliju Jeilu Eujli
Misspells: Jullie Julye Juliea Jluie Julei Juile

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Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie
Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie

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