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The word Erika has a web popularity of 166000000 pages.


What means Erika?

The meaning of Erika is: Ruler Of All

Erika Mikitkova says: meno Erika má sviatok 2.2. v Slovenskej repulike

Erika says: Name Erik and Erika has early German origin and in pre-writing history that was meant as "brave person". Russians usually don;t use name Erika, just don't suit them persobality

Erika Mooibroek says: In the Dutch means Erika heideflower

Web synthesis about this name:

...Erika is our research project about microkernel architectures for embedded systems.
Erika is registered with the international center for reiki training in southfield.
Erika is an exchange student and attends a small collage.
Erika is just one of the 550 children in bc who benefits from the work of this program.
Erika is constantly monitored by her mother and is allowed very little space to maneuver.
Erika is recognized as a mark of excellence in europe.
Erika is currently studying how a laser beam and an imperfect interact.
Erika is excelling at not exactly being the nice girl next door.
Erika is armed with the customized double machinegun called gabriel.
Erika is sponsored by a wonderful music supply source in louisville.

What is the origin of name Erika? Probably Russia or Hungary.

Erika spelled backwards is Akire
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Eraki Iakre Irake Ikera Rieka Kiare Airek Karei Eikra Riake Kaire Aiker Eakir Areik
Misspells: Eriks Etika Eryka Elika Eika Erikaa Eirka Eriak Erkia

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