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The word Eric has a web popularity of 853000000 pages.


What means Eric?

The meaning of Eric is: Ruler Of All

eric schrauwen says: schrauwen komt van des grauwen. molenaars waren altijd bestoft dus grauw. molenaars sinds zeker 1480 (willem sgrauwen is toen geboren) en ze woonden allemaal n zundert en omgeving

ERIC GRIMM says: I like that meaning! Yeah lets go with that. Ruler of All...

Web synthesis about this name:

...Eric is an acronym for the educational resources information.
Eric is to be credited with this exhibit along with tamara.
Eric is confronted by eleanor while looking at the family photos.
Eric is a 22 year old college kid in his final semester at the university of florida.
Eric is the name of an informal consortium of the australian.
Eric is an acronym for the educational resources information center.
Eric is a national education database sponsored by the us department of education.
Eric is the house that lends its name to the compound.
Eric is a professor of english and dean of the college of liberal arts at dakota state university.
Eric is real nice and so full of spice girls die to meet him men love to greet him and.

What is the origin of name Eric? Probably France or UK.

Eric spelled backwards is Cire
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Erci Reci Rcei Iecr Rcie Cire Riec Rice Icer Ecir Ceri Crei Irec Ceir
Misspells: Etic Eryc Elic Eic Erica Eirc Erci

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