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The word Colin has a web popularity of 39000000 pages.


What means Colin?

The meaning of Colin is: 1) English diminutive form of the medieval name ''Col, Colle'', a short form of Nicholas (see Nicolaus)

colin ellis mailer says: eldest son to the late , ernest and maureen mailer

Colin Sloss says: I am a British professor of English at a Japanese university

Web synthesis about this name:

...Colin is a member of the auckland commercial team at cb richard.
Colin is a senior in the civil engineering department.
Colin is steady and he gives the songs what they need.
Colin is making an appearance at the chicago improv festival.
Colin is an advocate for using media and the internet to inspire cultures and economies to take action toward sustainability.
Colin is one of the partners responsible for the leeds office of barnett waddingham.
Colin is now fronting groovetech uk a new internet radio show launched november 2000.
Colin is a member of the auckland commercial team at cb richard ellis.
Colin is someone who can always tell you what that bright light is just to the left of the moon and down a bit.
Colin is a canadian artist whose distinctive guitar and voice have been gracing stages and recordings since 1972 when he started his performing career at the.

What is the origin of name Colin? Probably UK or France.

Colin spelled backwards is Niloc
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Conil Lnioc Lonic Licon Olcin Ilnoc Nloci Inocl Clion Olnic Inloc Nlico Cnilo Nocli
Misspells: Collin Colyn Colina Cloin Colni Coiln

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