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The word Pereira has a web popularity of 40400000 pages.


What means Pereira?
The meaning of Pereira is unknown.

Ruth Pereira says: About 40 years looked up Pereira in the Genealogy Dept in the Los Angeles Public Library. Pear tree dweller was the meaning of found for Pereira

Web synthesis about this name:

...Pereira is president and ceo of energies naturelles.
Pereira is pastor of first baptist church of swannanoa.
Pereira is the editor of a cultural page where his work reflects not what he would wish to write but rather what is acceptable to write.
Pereira is author of about 90 publications and communications.
Pereira is quickly becoming one of its most interesting cabinet members.
Pereira is a member of the national bar association.
Pereira is content to ignore the growing political turmoil that threatens to consume europe.
Pereira is one of only a handful of licensed canadian jet car drivers.
Pereira is very interested in meeting undergraduates and learning about the research and projects that they are doing.
Pereira is a woman of the xxi century and with her paintings and writings she is leaving an example of dreams.

What is the origin of name Pereira? Probably Brazil or Portugal.

Pereira spelled backwards is Arierep
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Epareri Erariep Reiraep Raepeir Apireer Rearpei Ierapre Eperari Riraepe Aireper
Misspells: Pereirs Peteira Pereyra Peleira Peeira Pereiraa Preeira Pereiar Pereria

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Pereira Pereira Pereira Pereira Pereira

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Kellen Pereira
Ramon Santana Pereira
Geovanna Pereira
Tatiana Wolf Pereira
Pedro Jr Pereira
Genival Pereira Pereira
Daniele Monteiro Pereira
Marcos Pedrosa Pereira
Ubiracy Pereira
Oliver Resende Pereira
Soleda Pereira
Mestre Pereira
Paulo Gil Pereira
Ana Regina Pereira
Arine Pereira
Aldy Pereira
Anilza Pereira
Gustavo Gomes Pereira
Andreia Holanda Pereira
Fernanda Nunes Pereira
Darley Pereira
Monica Pereira
Fabiano Martins Pereira
Danilo Brasil Pereira
Jean Marcos Pereira