Caroline - details and analysis   

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The word Caroline has a web popularity of 266000000 pages.


What means Caroline?

The meaning of Caroline is: Little And Womanly

Caroline Khakhu says: Pretty name that is not common in South Africa in Limpopo

Web synthesis about this name:

...Caroline is a silver fairytale crown decorated with silver pearls and ab crystals.
Caroline is the type of competitor that a team is built around.
Caroline is the second youngest and the second shortest of the corrs.
Caroline is located in the beautiful foothills of the canadian rockies.
Caroline is sent out by m to evaluate 007 based on the mission he and alec.
Caroline is an 18 year old university of california.
Caroline is the only one that borders neither the chesapeake bay nor the atlantic ocean.
Caroline is a lecturer in education at the university of east anglia and her research interests centre around the public understanding of science.
Caroline is a member of the professional association.
Caroline is the 248th most popular female first name in the united states.

What is the origin of name Caroline? Probably UK or France.

Caroline spelled backwards is Enilorac
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Lionraec Orlicnae Nariocel Aenocilr Oncielra Neirolac Airenloc Cloniera Lroaniec Olircean Crianoel
Misspells: Csroline Catoline Carolline Carolyne Caloline Caoline Carolinea Craoline Carolien Carolnie

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