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The word Nadir has a web popularity of 33700000 pages.


What means Nadir?

The meaning of Nadir is: Dearly Loved

Nadir Murtaza says: The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

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...Nadir is the single most important factor that determines whether patients will be cured of prostate cancer by irradiation.
Nadir is important because relief displacement is radial from this point and is a function of the distance of the displaced image from it.
Nadir is the fifth book in the sholan alliance series.
Nadir is along the line normal to the surface of the reference geoid.
Nadir is defined to be along the geodetic local vertical.
Nadir is the lowest psa reading achieved after any treatment for prostate cancer.
Nadir is the third game in a series that uses the same mechanics and scale.
Nadir is shown in figure 1 for the following position of the consert.
Nadir is substituted in a bulk foumula or formula deduced from the monin.
Nadir is promoting is the islamic perspectives radio show.

What is the origin of name Nadir? Probably Russia or France.

Nadir spelled backwards is Ridan
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Narid Drian Darin Dinar Adnir Idran Rdani Irand Ndiar Adrin Irdan Rdina Nrida Randi
Misspells: Nsdir Nadit Nadyr Nadil Nadi Nadira Ndair Nadri Naidr

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